Spare Parts to carry on the trail?

Howdy All! I bought an 01' WR426 a few weeks back and have been loving it! What a bike- I raced MX and a few hare scrambles as a kid and here I am 25 years later riding with my 5 year old son (CRF 50)and loving every minute of it.

While out on some close local trails, my chain broke. After some bike pushing and running down the road to my car, I made it to the local Cycle Gear store for a new chain and chain tool. I then returned to install the new chain and ride the bike back to work, where I keep it for time being (and yes, my wife knows I have it;) ).

Soooo, that got me to thinking- what is "the list" of tools and parts to have on the trail for the trusty ol' WR? As a long time mountain biker, I've always carried a pretty good arsenal of tools and parts, but with the WR, the tools and parts are bit bigger and heavier. I've tried searching, but not come up with anything.

I now have two spare master links and the chain tool, but what's the best tool to carry for the 22mm axle nut without getting too big?


Clutch levers are always smart if you aren't running ASV or a nice handguard.

I carry all sorts of stuff. sockets w/ wratchet,adjustable wrench for the axles, tubes,air,tire irons, zipties,electrical tape,needle nose pliers,a knife. It seems like quite a bit but it all fits in my fender pack(except the tubes, they're in the backpack).

Personally I never carry tubes / levres any more. They are too bulky for my liking. I know I'm not far from home and can hobble back - have done this at least 3 times.

I know most people carry tubes so a wrench with 17 / 22mm (for front and rear on same wrench) saves weight and space.

8, 10, 12, 13mm 1/4 dr sockets / rachet

SPARE FUSE - might already be one in the bike.

Ty-wraps + small pliers

When carrying tools its all about trying to reduce weight and still get maximum usefulness.

If you are gonna carry a tube I would suggest just take a front, which can also be used in rear if required to get so back.

- (1) spare heavy duty tube (rear)

- (3) Motion Pro wrench/levers for specific bike

- Tie wire and cutters

- zip ties

- Tire flat goop

- Motion pro mini-tool kit

- Spark plug

- Rope! (the most important thing!)

- Black tape

- Universal clutch lever

- Mini chain breaker, 4 links, and a master link

- and a Hummer

T-handle with 1/4 drive ends and have 8, 10 and 12mm sockets. Spare shifter, master links, patch kit, small hand pump/02 cartridge set up. And wrap handle with duct tape. Just enough to get you out of trouble. Ty-wraps. Those trick do it all pliers, tire levers, allen wrenches, small saw/knife, axle- spark plug wrench, buddy tow strap. I dont know what I'm forgetting. But you'll never carry enough. Their will always be a time you break down or some body breaks and some body wont have what you need.

Parts: Spare clutch, brake and shifter levers, clutch perch, 2 master links and a 6" piece of chain, front and rear axle nuts, tube, patch kit, zip ties, black tape, duct tape, safety wire, spark plug, and an assortment of nuts and bolts.

Tools: 8, 10, 12, 14, and 17 mm sockets and ASV "Y Handle" to turn them; 8/10, 12/14, and 17/19 open ended wrenches; 6" crescent wrench, small pair of long nose pliers; small pair of vice grips; screwdriver handle with #2, #3 Phillips bits and 1/4 blade bit; mini chain breaker; Motion Pro T6 tire levers/axle wrenches (14 mm for front axle, 27 mm for rear axle), plug wrench; Second Wind CO2 Inflator/manual pump, and some CO2 cartridges.

Thanks for all the feedback. Looks like a rear fender bag is a must, or I'll need a bigger back pack. I guess the bigger Camelback systems would work well, since we need water out there anyway.

Thanks again.

piece of fuel line

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