Wr426 valves

Hi, iv'e been riding my 426 for about a year now (I LOVE IT) and this past weekend 2 of the valves broke. Bike standing now. I've head that you can replace the titanium valves with stainless steel ones. Has anybody done this and is it worth it????? Please help.

Yes, you can. Simply use the valves, springs and retainers from a 2000 model YZ426. The job will be much less expensive.

I've just gotten mine done with SS valves not much time on it yet but it run great. It cost about one third the price of TI valves. I got seals, keepers, cotters, springs, and valves for around $150 dollars. I got this all from hondaeastoledo.com.

Good luck

Besides cost, do SS valves offer any other advantage to Ti ones?

Compared to Yamaha OEM Titanium, no, not really.

I have read that they last longer, they will wear more quickly initially , but you can squeeze more life out of them. They are heavier though.

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