need U.S. stock, usfs aproved muffler wr450

PLease help!! bought a canadian 03 wr450f and it has the green forest aproved pipe.. It has to go...I would like to just repalce it with a stock U.S. version.. will pay shiping and a fair price..This is a chance to get a little extra cash for something that is just going to collect dust..

Just saying hi tumbleweed...glad you finally joined.

You may just be better off going with the FMF Q over stock. It is less restricted, meets the required sound levels and doesn't hurt your power curve too much. Plus, it has a spark arrestor. Check it out. Good luck on what ever you decide to do. Paul

I have one that was changed out to a PC T-4 before the bike was started for the first time. I do have one guy from Singapore that said he wants it for $150.00 + shipping but we have no idea how much that is at this point and he wants to put it on a WR400F we don't know if it will work. You can see how much it would be to ship from Sierra Vista, AZ 85616 and e-mail me if you want it. I'm giving this other guy first shot but if he backs out your up, if you would like.

thanks pmaust, but I was looking for the low budget answer, how much are the Q slip-on's???

thanks for the info wr450f 4600ft. That might be the pipe for me.. keep in touch, if he couses not to take it..

hey al.. If it was'nt for you I would'nt have a bike... thanks..cant wait to ride the natches...

I just bought a Q series from fmf. its great!!!

I have one that I would be willing to sell. Send me a pm if interested.

hey, allinson what are you asking for that pipe.

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