Crank install

Before I go to it. Once the tranny, bearings, oil pasages, dowels are in and shifting and turning ect. Is there anything else needed before the case sealant and crank go in? I think everything else can go in from the outside. Before I freeze the crank and heat up the cases I want to be sure I am good.

Don't heat the cases. Freeze the crank and heat the main bearings with a propane torch. The cases don't need to be hot for any reason, and if they are, it will set off the sealer prematurely.

Otherwise, it sounds like you're ready.

I fortunetly don't have a propane torch (I would burn my house down) to heat bearing with. But I do have a heat gun which also works, it takes a bit longer but it works. Freezing the crank you might not even need to heat the bearings.

Be sure that when you put the cases together the dowel's don't move on you.

Good Luck

Thanks guys. I will finally have time this weekend to have at it. If I learned anything from putting the bearings in the case, I need to make sure my get things hot enough first. My first bearing dropped in like nothing the second got tight half way in and I had to work pretty fast to get it set down far enough.

The fit of the bearings into the case and the fit of the crank into the bearings are two different things, though. It's not going to be that bad.

Yeah I still haven't found my way to the basement yet and the Vegas super x is going to start in an hour or so. Sunday will be the day.

I am not as worried about the crank install steel on steel works better than steel on aluminum. Hopefully get close to running it tommorow or at least get it together so I can bolt it back in.

Thanks for all the help.

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