OOPS I did it!

How long does it take for a collar bone to heal? Warming up the bike in my driveway and got bit. Raised docs eye brows when he seen the x-ray. First broken ever and 39 yrs. old, is there more to come? This Yamy is my 6th. dirtbike, lucky I guess.

Usually takes about 8-12 weeks provided there is no displacement, if there was any displacement you might need surgical intervention (orthopedics) with possible plating....and alot longer healing time with no riding!


I'm 50 and broke mine this summer and I was riding in 6 weeks but takin it easy. One of my riding partners has broken both collarbones and it takes forever to heal for him. If you are stongboned and its a simple break, eat right and take it easy it heals faster. There are many sites on the internet that will inform further. Do a search and good luck.

Stay away from carbonated drinks like sodo pop, and also, make sure you keep your protein levels up... as well as extra calcium...

Good luck,


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