Graphics advice!!

Hey TT,

I am riding a 2006 YZ450F 50th Anniv.

Is there anywhere i can find stock Yamaha graphics?? I can't seem to find them on the Yamaha site.......Or any suggestions for a particular graphics co. that makes some kits that are not So busy?? I really like the Doug henry Kit alot..............but i am thinking of looking around a bit more before i commit. Also....any Black plastic/graphics kits for us Yamaha folks???

thanks TT!!!:banghead:

The stock graphics for the yellow 50th are in the Parts Catalog. They are 5XC-2173L-01-00 and 5XC-2174L-01-0 for the right and left shroud graphics and they run a cool $100...each.

Alternatives are not easy to find, and you may be best off to have a custom graphics shop like Dirt Digits or Decal Works, etc. reproduce them for you.

The blue based graphics are easier, as Factory Effex makes a line of good repros that aren't that expensive.

The GYT-R stuff is mostly pretty good looking, too, but none of it is for the Yellow version.

Go to Decal works site and pick one of their existing semi-custom designs. From there you can change the colors to work on your bike for a very reasonable price.


+1 for Dirt Digits...and they definitely have yellow YZ graphics.

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