Preparation for riding sand dunes?

I just got my 03 YZ450f a few weeks ago and I am going out to the dunes at Little Sahara this weekend for the first time. Is there anything I need to do to prep my bike for riding in the sand? I have heard sand can mess up your bike pretty bad if your not careful. I'm a total noob so I'm trying to pick up as much info as I can. Any help is appreciated.

I would say buy and outerwear pre-filter for your air filter. and go with 1 or 2 foam filters in zip lock bags, oiled and ready to swap into the bike when needed.

Have you re routed your breather tube? Im not an expert on it, so i don't know which models needed it. but i've seen a lot of discussion on one of the breather tubes that comes down by the swing arm. if it is hanging down the bottom of your bike, like it does stock, and sitting in the sand when you kick start or stall it will suck sand into the motor. in the sticky above titled common threads, there is a link to what it is and another link on how to fix it. most re route the tube into the airbox.

and a paddle tire i suppose.

I had an 04 and 05 that I rode at the dunes quite a bit, neither of them sucked sand in threw the breather tube. My 06 sucked it on the first trip, I think that pre 06 got the non-sand-sucking option installed on the motor. Other than that make sure your air filter is oiled good and is sealed on the air box, keep your chain on the tight end of the tolerance or you'll eat up your paddle, and remove the little flap that protects your shock from roost or your paddle will. Drill a hole in your back fender and mount your flag in it, it is the only way to run a flag in my opinion. Have fun the dunes are a blast on a 450.

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