05 wr 450 transmission

so i finally get the chain slap fixed and have a noise in fourth gear...what to do?

well i spend more fixing it than its worth










here whats wrong.

no water pump, shaft wobbled out. counter balance shaft worn. intake cam wasted exhaust cam almost wasted. 4th gear, 4th gear idler. right now i am at $1200 and counting.

now for the funny paty. i havent had a water pump in 6 months and the inside of my engine is spotless. gotta love klotz synthetic

The Horror. The Horror.


This is looking ugly , really ugly!

does not look good for you

Your hands dont look good either.

its my buddys hand :excuseme: i couldnt take a pic and hold it at the same time.

now MY hand dont look good.... inpact wrench bit me

How do you know you lost the water pump 6 months ago?

it took forever to heat up and would overheat very easily.....

well its back together, ais/grey wire and airbox and i have a major jetting issue. will run but with choke and 1/4 throttle. i did forget to take out the tamper plug so hopefully thats whats wrong....BUT IT RUNS :excuseme:

IT RUNS :ride:

Always a great feeling :excuseme::smirk:

here ye be an update

crappy vid it was late at night and i wanted sleep


this is what failed in the water pump


runs like a dream in the garage going to finish it up by the weekend

and it still runs.......3 more heat cycles to go woooooooot

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