my bike ate the carb slide

slide cracked and was eaten by my wr400.(replacement slide on order)bike still runs strong and has no noises.should i tear the engine down or not? i know i should but has anyone just kept on riding without a teardown after this happened?


That same thing happened to me as far as that plate cracking. It's called a vacuum release plate. The early YZ and WR had modified street carbs. If the engine runs good after you replace the plate, than I wouldn't think that anything else was damaged. It is made from magnesium by the way.

i bought a yfz450 carb on ebay and will use that. it is a fcr40,but should work fine after some jetting.

That's a lot of slide to eat, but if everything runs normally, it probably went right through. I had a similar thing happen, but a piece of slide got caught in the head and the piston pounded into a flat metal "attachment" to the head. Had to remove head, remove metal and put it back together with no actual damage. Have ridden many, many miles since with no problems. BTW I replaced the FCR with an Edelbrock after the second slide broke.

Same thing happened to my buddies bike. The chunk of the slide got stuck in an intake valve and bent it. If you still have decent compression it might have blown right out the exhaust. Good luck!

I'm working on a 2000 WR400 that also ate part of the slide plate. Found the piece in the exhaust. Was running (fast) when shut down, seems to have good compression. Hoping for no problem after slide replacement. Does anyone know if this is a problem with later models i.e. 2007?

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