New head light required at good price!

Hi, living in the UK, smashed the glass on my headlight on WR426, Rectangle shape and made of glass (God knows why!). Anyhow, dealer wants £85, would like to replace original, does anyone in the UK have a cheaper contact? or second hand.

Thanks Rich

Try the Acerbis Blitz headlight. It has 2 2" dia bulbs. 1 is 35watt 35deg flood. The other is 35w 10 deg spott. It can handle up to 50watt bulbs. THe bulbs are plain ol 12volt low voltage track lighting halogen bulbs that you can buy at any home lighting store.

I think I paid like $80 for mine. No glass lense. The lense is plastic.

Maybe I looked in the wrong place, but I just gave $15 for a replacement 12v 36degree 50W halogen bulb as a replacement for the setup you mentioned. I'll double-check the local hardware store but I thought that was outrageous for a single friggin' bulb.


I am pretty sure "Off Road Only" sell lamp units to fit the Yamaha original headlamp.

You will find their phone number on the advert in T&MX

My buddy just stoped by with a headlight assy off a 2001 wr250, he just picked it up used for $25 in like new condition.

Thats gotta hurt. considering they cost like $125 new.

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