OT What's in your bag?

The off road season is nearing and I'm going over my fanny pack tool kit. Here's what I carry, what about you?

Fanny pack:

8, 10, 12, 14 mm sockets

8 and 10 mm open end wrench

adustable wrench

needle nose vise grips

safety wire

zip ties

assorted 8 and 10mm bolts

Fredette racing box wrench that fits front and rear wheel nuts

plug and wrench


spare clutch lever


insurance card and ID

I would carry a master link and chain breaker tool, but this DID X-Ring chain broke my last one :)

Fender bag:

One tube for the front tire (lighter)


CO2 air with backup hand pump

patch kit

soapy water

What did I miss?

Energy Bars? :)

cell phone, TP for your bung hole...

stole that from cornholio( beavis and butthead reference) :)

Used to carry a tow rope (used it one time to pull my bike, many times to pull others riders bikes) until I got the WR. Now I just stick a bottle of water behind the front number plate and ride.

I do maintainence before the ride, limp it home when necessary (rarely).

I did forget to mention the tow rope (for others mostly :)) and allen wrenches.

Rag is good idea.

The more prepared you are, the less likely to need the stuff. More often than not, its MY tools the other guys need use.

my bike has never had a problem so i pack, lots of water,cell phone, and energy bars. with my old KTM 2 smoke i brought every tool i could think of and a rope.


I'd say with this whole broken woodruff key thing, a tow rope is MANDATORY. :)

Something I never thought you would need out on the trail util last weekend. One of the riders in our group lost the bite valve on her Camle Bak and guess what her husband just happend have? you got it, an extra bite valve.

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