Where is that thread on the "McGyver"...

steering stem bearing chase removal? :banghead: You know, the one where the guy had sketches of the pipe and chisel that you wedge into the stem and as you hit with the hammer:bonk: it tightens the edge of the pipe on to the edge of the chase and pops them out lickity split?:banghead:

try searching using the term "race", not chase.

Thanks husqy 360

and, thanks for lurnin' me Gray!

If you have a welder, just lay three spot welds evenly spaced around the race and it will fall out. Best trick I know.

Found this thread while doing some research in preparation for changing my steering bearings.

This should be a "sticky"

Literally took me 30 seconds each to get the races out of the frame.

ThumperTalk rocks!!!:ride:

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