Considering a WR450

I just put my name on a 03 WR 450. It should be a great bike, they've had since 98 to get it right. I got used to an electric starter on my DRZ 400 you will love that feature and never want to go back to kicking. The 450 should have pretty smooth power so it will be easy to handle, its a lot easier to use the grunt of a big bore than reving out a small bore and there's a lot less shifting, I'd go with the WR 450 or the Suzuki DRZ400, I had two of those and for a trail or play bike they are great.

Well your certianly not too old. And at your hight and weight the WR450 would be perfect. It is not intimidating at all but still has a ton of power.

Riding will soon be more fun then you ever rember!

I hadn't ridden an MX bike in 25 years when I got "bit by the bug" and bought my 426. Do not be afraid of the power! For the first few times I rode it, I definately had alot of respect for "the hit", but there is a certain cause and reaction directly proportional to position of your right wrist. You have enough experience to quickly learn the caracteristics of the power delivery, and once you do, you will be glad you opted for the big bore. The new 450 looks sooo good to me right now, but budgetary restraints don't allow it now.

I envy all of you that can get one of the new 450's, be it WR or YZ.


I apologize in advance, if this post turns into a long story. I am looking to get a new bike, after 8 years of being bikeless. I spent 12 years in Saudi Arabia and had a couple Suzuki RM80's and a RM125. Should have had a RM250, but very few were imported, for whatever reason, and they were very expensive. The terrain was everything from sand dunes to very rocky.

When I moved back in 1994, I rode the powerlines on my friends old Husqvarna (1982 430WR, air-cooled, dual-shocks, drum brakes) and it kicked my butt. It was just no fun and I lost interest in riding. It was a relic and I shouldn't have given up so easily, but I was very busy and just didn't have the time. Plus, it was just too depressing, at the time, going from unlimited riding area of Saudi, where I could roll out of the driveway and ride to the beach/dunes or open desert and head towards the horizon, to the Northeast. I am not trying to dump on trail riding in the Northeast, but as I am sure everyone knows, the Earth First/Sierra Club types are just plain Vicious towards any use of public land, especially in the NE, and it can be alot of work to find a place to ride.

Anyway I really miss riding and am looking for a bike. As soon as I walked into the shop and got hit by the smell of the new tires and plastic, I knew I had to have a bike. I started looking for a 2-stroke 250, because that is what I always wanted and could never have. Then I saw a CRF450R/YZ/WR426F/soon to be 450 and thought they looked like a hot 2-stroke 250 with a powerband that could only be dreamed of.

So here I am, 30yrs old, 5'11", 170lbs with a good amount, of riding experience (in my opinion), from 8 years ago. Most of my riding is going to be New England trails and rocky/gnarly powerlines, a couple MX tracks, and a yearly trip out to the Silver Lake dunes, in Michigan. I should buy a XR250 and learn how to ride again, but I can't bring myself to do it, plus the XR250 weighs as much as the WR450. I like the big bore bikes, for their low-end grunt, but am wondering if the WR450 is going to be too much bike.

Any thoughts would be great.

well the cr450f races in the 250 mx class if thats any help

Get the 450.

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