wet yzf

Okay I have an 08 YZF 450 . I was riding it the other day and went through a large puddle got very wet but it ran fine for 20 mins after that . when I got home I drained the oil and put in a new air filter (yes it was wet). I also pulled the spark plug and cycled the motor to remove any water that may have been sucked in

Now the problem when I started it the next day it was super hard to kick and when it does start it idles very high like the throttle is 1/4 open

I have looked at the throttle cable it's good any ideas or directions would be great

Probably gunk in the carb. Did you get a chance to pull the airfilter and look in the intake?

Plugged pilot jet/circuit...... Remove it and clean it and spray some carb cleaner into the mating hole. It will probaby run fine after that.

why would that make it hard to kick?

water in the pipe?

is it acting like a bung is in the tail pipe when you kick it

Hard to kick can be a symptom of the exhaust cam having skipped time. Check it, and the condition of the chain and tensioner. Some of the '08's had trouble with weak tensioners and kinked chains.

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