Dunlop 739 front - Maxxis Maxxcross IT rear - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEk

I recently got tires for free and my old tires were pretty shot so i dropped them on yesterday. We usually have a dry climate and hard gravel roads and rocks around, but its been raining for the last couple of days.

I took the bike out and it was weird how the bike handled the wet.

Usually I can slide through a corner standing without trouble, but this slides and then pushes the rear out very quickly.. like theres grip then no grip... like a on / off switch.

The rear maxxis felt different to the previous m402 bridgestone. It feels like its battling for grip everywhere ... could this just be the little bit of moistness?

The front seems to be better then the D907 Enduro I ran prior to that... The rear just makes me nervous...

Could i use this setup for Mild dual sport? or are the tires too soft for anything harder then gravel?

We have tried this tire combo.Did not like the739 or the rear.We let the rear tire down to 4psi.Then it was half as good as a IRC VE33.

We dont have the IRC's available in South Africa

What kinda pressures are you running? I run an IT on the rear at about 8 psi in the cali desert, and love it. Works OK for DS, too, and holds up pretty well on pavement.

Run around 12psi Im riding hard pack and mountains .. trying to protect the rims.

The IT feels like it has a rather stiff sidewall.

I run a Desert IT, and really like it, but because of the wear. It might not be the BEST traction tire out there, and it's not a "mud" tire , but for a good "do it all" kinda tire, the fact that they wear forever more then makes up for it. The desert version is WAY stiff though, and mounting it was a serious hassle.

That being said, it does allow you to run it at lower pressures then others.

I do have a surcross too. but thats about 1/3 worn. I could have fitted that if i wanted a tire that hooks up better.

I only fitted the IT cos i heard that you could use it on the tarmac if needed.

anybody know if its DOT approved?

Hooks up better then the D606 i had on a couple of km ago... although I got about 3000km out of it.

if its DOT approved, itll say in the stampings on the tire.

Don't think the Maxxis IT's are DOT mentioned, it will say on the tire if they are

I only fitted the IT cos i heard that you could use it on the tarmac if needed.

anybody know if its DOT approved?

The Maxxis IT is not DOT approved, but what do you care? I'm not sure a USDOT stamp means much in SA :excuseme:

I'm running a Maxxis IT right now on my DS bike, but only because I have it and my MT16 is shot. I don't really like it (and even worse in the mud), but it's really durable and it still has tread left. It should be OK for a few DS runs.

IMO, the 739 is pretty bad unless it's really dry and hard. I would only use it for DS and only if I was sure there wouldn't be any mud or sand. It does OK on the road.

My dual sport tires of choice are Pirelli MT16 front and rear.

It was explained to me just yesterday that there are two versions of the IT - the Desert IT and the IT. The Desert IT is much stiffer and doesn't handle as well as the regular IT. Which one do you have?

I'm not worried about longevity on my WR since I ride about once a month so I go for strictly performance. My favorite rear is a Michelin S-12 or Kenda 771. On the front it's either an S-12 or Pirelli MT44 (called a Scorpion XC MS now)

I have the Desert at the back . The 739 upfront does not feel any different then the 907enduro I had on. Come to think of it, i prefer it over in the rocky sections.

The IT is worth jack in the soft mud and sludge. I found that out yesterday - It just digs you in .. and in no time too.

Desert IT back tire is poop, particularly when brand new. The first time I had mine out, I had to stop and check it a few times, because it felt like it went flat. It was very unstable feeling.

After a few rides, it got better, but not great.

It does wear well, but I'm personally more interested in a tire that is more predicable and that has better "feel". For me 739AT on back. Scorpion XCMH up front. Best combo for me on the X.

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