San Rapheal Swell riding areas, whats best??????

Just soliciting some information on what are the good places to go to in the San Rapheal Swell in Utah. I will be down riding with my brother from April 5-7th. Looking for some good trail rides and some wide-open areas with great scenic landscapes. For those that have ridden this area where would you go.

Thanks in advance

Call me and I'll give you the details 801-642-0070 Gary

I was going to post that very question tonight. I've found some good info on these two mountain bike sites about this area. and

They've got maps, trail descriptions and lots of photos.

I was kinda interested in who has ridden motorcycles there. Especially the Five Miles of Hell trail. I'm an expert level desert racer and long time trail hound. How hard is it?? Some descriptions make it sound like you'd better bring the Gas Gas trials bike and plenty of body armour.

It looks like there are plenty of more open jeep roads and trails to be found as well. It looks like some great riding.

Gary, I got your pm. Thanks.

Ranger check your pms

Do the Coal Wash trail. it is great and you can also do a smaller loop that is called devils race track. ride by swaysies cabin also! if I were you I would take a G.P.S. some buddies and I got lost in a canyon at the end of october! Man I thought it was all over!! in the day it was semi-warm but the temp drops like a rock in the desert at night. You are going to love it!! let me know when you are going and i'll see if I can round up some buddys. I have one guy that knows the erea like the back of his hand!

You can ride hundreds of trails from one camp spot. In my opinion it is one of the best places to ride in utah!

I agree, The areas around Swazys Cabin are awsome. Go south to the Dick Brass trail system or north to Devils Race track. We need to do all we can to keep this area open, so dont blaze your own trails STAY ON THE TRAIL!!

We go down there at least once a year and I agree with the information these guys have supplied. I'd also add that we stay in Green River at the Super 8 because it's cheap and the parking lot is well lit. You can get very good food and microbrews on tap at Rays Tavern. The place isn't much to look at but it really hits the spot at the end of a long day.

If you decide to do the Dick Brass Trails and particularly 5MOH, I'd bring an extra front sprocket that is 1 tooth smaller. This is not a wide open trail.


Thanks for the info fellas.

Jayden I will give your number to my brother he lives in Ogden.

Thanks again

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