YZ450 test ride

Just got back from getting to ride the new yz 450f.

FUN ,FAST & RUNS OUT OF GEARS QUICKLY. Eat your heart out. Got to go to work.

See ya


[ August 28, 2002, 10:05 AM: Message edited by: bman ]

There are two things in life that the answer is always going to be yes. One is when you best freind calls and says "Got a brand new yz450 in the drive way lets go riding tomorrow morning for a quick loop around Texas canyon and check it out." I don't anyone on Thumpertalk who could say no. Big fun to ride but I will not be running out to the Yamaha dealer anytime soon to purchase one.

The YZ run's out of gears really fast. I would bet stock top end to be around 55mph. First gear is only for getting rolling. You can leave it in third gear to just above a idle. When you roll the gas on it does one of two things. Depending on where you are seated. The front wheel is sky bound or you are sideways. Sometime's both.

You can't ride very far with that tiny thing they can a gas tank. To make this a perfect bike would be easy. Put a bigger gas tank on. A wide ratio gear box would be really good too. Maybe even a headlight would be cool. How about adding "THE BUTTON". That would make it just about right.

The new yz is a motocrosser only. It does feel a little lighter. But it's not like wow this thing is super light. Do not buy this bike to trail ride. If you do let me know so I can take out some life insurance for you. In my name of course.

Bman....everyone's been speculating about the 4-speed tranny not being enough. Sounds like their worries may be true.

I rode one this weekend and it was nice. I did do all the jumps but, did not push it. The bike was only one day old and it wasn't mine. I can't say that I noticed a huge weight reduction or tons of power over my 99.

The bike IS an improvement, enough for me to get back into debt.... no way! I think, the minor differences could be compensated by a better rider.

It was nice though!


Bman, Where did you go riding midweek? Im envious.

Bill, Did you get the Tonopah T?

It isn't enough gear for desert if that's what you are saying. Really good for motocross.

The YZ450 INDEED sounds like an MX ONLY bike.

One thing I would ASS-U-ME, is that the WR450 will get more publicity attention due to the one sided nature of the YZF...???

This can only mean better things for the WR line.

I think you are right that Yamaha make a clear cut decision that the YZ is for mx only and the WR is for everything elese. The thing is a really bitchen mxer. But the lack of a fifth gear limits its ability in other areas.

Originally posted by bman:

I think you are right that Yamaha make a clear cut decision that the YZ is for mx only and the WR is for everything elese. The thing is a really bitchen mxer. But the lack of a fifth gear limits its ability in other areas.

Wonder where EGOKIA is to tell you how wrong you are?

Thanks for the writeup bman! You confirmed my suspicions...


I still do not understand why this is a bad thing.......YZF = Motocross

_WR = Everything else

p.s. wake me when its over... :)

Not to start a flame war but here's my reasoning:

I race enduro AND the occasional MX. I don't want to have to make compromises. I can have the suspension revalved and I have an EXCELLENT MX'er AND an EXCELLENT off road bike. I can't do the same with the WR. I don't like the width of the tank, or the weight for enduro. I don't like the gear ratios on the WR for MX.

Unlike many here who don't like the 4 speed mixer on the new YZ because of top-end, I don't like it because I fear a too-high first. I also don't like the 1.8 gallon tank.

I've been converting MX bikes to offroad use since 1994. (YZ 250) I've had great luck. I've raced my YZ around 6-7 times in the last 1.5 years. My worst finish was a 4th in class. My best was 8th overall.

Those are MY reasons.


I think your right about a clear choice. MX and sometimes trail= YZ with a bigger tank.

Every thing else = WR.

Only other point is to spend $$$ to make a new YZ enduro race ready, dont know yet if the 5th gear set might just fit in the case and was just left out for weight savings.

The way I see it, If you dont want any comprimises between an MX bike and a CC bike,,, buy both!!! :D .

Or pick up the YZ250 two smoke.

IMHO I say cudos to Yamaha for paying attention to what the YZ racers wanted, a ligher bike.

And what the WR riders wanted, the button, auto decomp, slimer tank and more forward seat.

After seeing the changes to the two bikes I was convinced Yamaha R and D was in lurke mode on THIS SITE!!!!!!! :)

Just droped off my forks (blew a seal)at ESP. Owner George got the inside scoop that the five speed will not work in the four speed cases.

Amazing how 5th gear fits in my crf and not in the yz.Yamaha changed the 125 to five gears from 6 and no one is happy about it.Now they had a good 426 and changed to a 4 speed 450 and no one will be happy with this either.My bike can go 80mph without any compromise on an mx track so why cant the yz?

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