'07 and newer WR450 base valves

Why isn't it posted as a stickie in the performance mod section about how truly worthless the stock '07 and newer WR450 forks are? The base valve in these forks is totally untunable in stock form and riding the bike with the stock fork is akin to riding a hobby horse. When those 'poppet valve' springs compress off of the piston seat, there is no more compression damping and the fork is essentially a spring for the remainder of it's travel in the compression stroke. I recently modified the base valve by removing the poppet valve spring assembly and adding a conventional shim stack in it's place. The results were amazing! I now have a totally different and predictable handling bike. This should not be a cryptic mod, I would like to see the WR community better informed about the shortcomings of :banghead: this fork.

Write it up and send it to the moderator suggesting that it should be added as a sticky.


I agree, the stock base valves are a joke and I can only assume that they were designed for gentle trail riding. I installed a set of Pro-Action 3 stage valves and the difference is amazing, no more deflecting or bottoming on the trail junk I ride on. WR Dave

+3 on the WR base valves being total garbage! The engineer who designed it should be caned.

:excuseme: I'd like to see some instruction on an inexpensive fork upgrade. Some parts I could buy and install myself and not cost $450. Something that would make an old fart more comfortable on a ride.


Meh, my '09WR450F feels like I'm riding on a marshmallow. Yuck!

It's going to RaceTech next Monday unless someone can convince me to go to Factory Connection since FC's a bit more spendy.

This is the route that I took with my '07. The difference is well worth the trouble! I'm still amazed Yamaha would offer this fork on a "competitive" motorcycle. What were they thinking? I'm referring to the link posted above, removing the blasted spring poppet valve.

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