Cherry Red Exhaust Pipe

Is this normal? Bike has 1 mile on it.

Thanks for any help,


Bone Stock!

very normal. every bike does it when idleing.

Whew! Thanks!! :)


Its part of the Survival Kit. If you get lost and have to spend the night it doubles as a fire starter. You can cauderize wounds, cook bacon and lots of other neat things.

A lot of people also asked the same question... you might want to check the archieve if you are still feeling uncertain... but rest assured, it is very normal... :)

Thanks all, I let it rip yesterday. Bone stock it is awesome, I can only imagine it after the mods. This is a great site, keep it up!


not meant as a flame to anyone, just my 2 cents worth. Heat destroys an engine faster than anything else, if your exhaust is cherry red, especially next to the cylinder you are doing damage to your motor. It is unecessary, all you have to do is richen up the idle a little and it all goes away.

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