ColoradoWR - Colorado jetting?

Bye bye XR...

I've been looking for one of these things in good shape for two months & finally found one in Nebraska. I live north of Denver and ride mostly from 5000 feet to 8500 feet & often get up around 10,000 in the summer. I'm assuming the jetting will be close on this bike, but Nebraska is a little bit downhill, so I want to know what everyone else is running around here. It's a 2000 WR400. Thanks for your help.

Oh, and I'm a trail guy looking for a low-midrange pipe. Any suggestions?

Search for LarryCo's jetting. I did his modifications and my bike runs a lot better. No more plug fouling and it revs quicker.

Have you ridden one yet? I saw all the posts about shipping and it's been pretty lean around here with used bikes. I also agree with you that they demand a premium here.

I had a 1999 XR400 which was my first 4-stroke and I always had 2-stroke mx bikes for the woods and I got bored quick. The WR is so much faster and powerful it's not even funny. I'd do all the free mods before buying a pipe. I've got the stock pipe with the baffle removed and I'm trying to get one of the new inserts from Yamaha.

Hope this helps.



P.S. When are you getting the bike?

Thanks, I'll check it out.

You sound just like me. I've been on the eternal quest to find a bike that I'm satisfied enough with to ride for a few years until I can afford a new one with all the bells and whistles. If you're happy with the progression, hopefully I will too.

Yeah, bikes are hard to find out here, escpecially one that hasn't been thrashed. That guy really pissed me off. He didn't have a clue what he was talking about. There's some arrogance on this site I could certainly do without.

Anyways, the 99 XR4 is for sale if you know anyone that's beginning or getting back in to riding.

I have had some of this info saved on my computer for years in case I need it again.

Here is a excerpt of what I was told from some past TT members when I went to Leadville (10.000 feet).


When I had WR timing I used the following jetting for Colorado riding:

4000 ft to 6000 ft

Pilot 45, needle clip 2nd position, 168 main (could probably use 3rd position but I had fouling probs)

6000 ft to 10000 ft

pilot 42, needle clip 2nd position, 165 main

10000 ft and up (13100 is my highest)

pilot 42, needle clip 2nd position, 162 main

KerryT seemed to get by on a 45 pilot everywhere but my bike would foul without the 42 pilot.


Hope that helps some...

Can anyone tell me the Part number for the high elevation needles everyone keeps refering to:

EKP #3

EKQ #2.5

Also varify if these are Yamaha parts or Keihin numbers.

Thanks for the help.

I had never had a 4 stroke before the XR400 and I thought that would be enough bike. The WR is vastly different than the XR in almost every way. The suspension is a huge upgrade as is the engine. I've heard people complain about the WR's not having the low end grunt but I think with the pumper carb it's way better than the XR.

If the bike has a WR seat and tank, you need to look for a YZ seat and tank combo. It makes a huge difference in the handling.

Other than that, with the free mods, the bike rips and I'm very happy with mine. I wouldn't trade it for a WR450. I'd need more of an upgrade like 10-15 lbs lighter before I could justify the expense.

My bike was way too rich which is why I went to the leaner jetting. You do need to change everything if you do this, not just the main or needle.


Needle info

They are Yamaha Part numbers and are in this thread.

Thanks for the part numbers. I am heading out this spring to ride in the Colorado high country. I would like to have the jetting close so I can get more ride time in and spend less time jetting. This forum is great! Thanks again for the reply.

look at my sig, it has been working well for me.

Thanks CNACC, I will start with your set up.

I'm from Indy and live in Colorado. Actually I grew up in Cicero just north, went to Ball State, and then lived in the Ripple for a while. I'm just curious where in Indy you live. I know a lot of people there and you just never know...

I have been in Indiana for only 10 years and live in the Eagle Creek area. It seems that the majority of college grads from Indiana leave to greaner pastures. I relocated from the Buffalo NY area. Colorado has way better off road riding. I am jealous.

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