hey all ,,since picking my wr up i have noticed some drips of pink looking fluid coming out of the big breather hose infront of the gear lever ,,its only 3-4 drops just after i turn her off ,,,,i'm sure i read about this before but a search found nothing ,,can anyone shed some light on this

thanks ,,,,adam

Does the oil you run in your engine have a redish color? If it is, then that pinkish dishcharge is perfectly normal. My oil is amber and discharges a few whitish milky looking drops sometimes. Without going into detail why this occurs, it's basically a result of a little bit of moisture mixing in with the hot oil vapors that are vented via that big line.

yup, I reckon your breather hose is bound to puke some.

Check the reroute entries, you are warned...

Going out on a limb here. What are you running oilwise in the gearbox? It better not be ATF. The big hose is the crankcase breather. What year is your WR?

Thanks for the responses guys ,,yes its a 99 wr and yes the oil is red in colour at least now i can get on with enjoying the beast!

thanks again


make sure you are using 4-stroke oil and NOT 2-stroke gearbox oil, i know the honda 2-stroke oil is red in color.

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