Chain Slider Hardware

Still working on tidying up the used 2004 WR450 I bought.

I picked up a new chain slider as the one on the bike was split and the rear top bolt/washer were missing as was one of the bottom forward bolts/washer.

New one I got from the dealer fits no problem, came with no hardware, and the holes are now oblong vice round and way smaller so they won't take the allen key bolts with the cup washers I had left from the original.

I looked at my sons 2008 WR250F and he has silver pan head style bolts holding on the chain slider. I read on a post here after searching that Yamaha charges like $15 each for these so I'm looking for a cheaper option.

This has to have been an issue for someone else, any suggestions on a fix? Can I just pick up some pan head screws and washers and strap the slider down that way? Anyone know what size and thread the bolts are?


OK, since I couldnt wait to sort through all the replies, tried a few options and found that Pan Head M8 X10mm screws work great, using M8 fender washers, and blue loctite to hold it all in place. About $1.41 in parts. Yamaha wanted over $15 for the same four screws/washers.

Done, onto the next fix.

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