Clutch Trouble Anyone Plz Help!!!!

Is there any on; racer guys taht ahve been racing for a while that have ran into my troubles b4? O really ANYONE who has ran into my trouble s b4 I am DESPERATE to get them fixed!!!!PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!Hi there I have a 2006 YZ450F and I am having some trouble and was wondering if you could help me out with them. I just got the bike and am having multiple troubles with it...1) When you put the bike in gear for the first time of the day(clutch engaged) the bike stalls out, but you can fire the bike right back up and put it right back in gear and it works just fine what is going on here? 2)When you pull the clutch in a kick it into first gear it wants to creep forward on you(clutch still engaged) but only at idle as soon as you rev it up a little bit it quits that problem what is going on here? 3)When the bike is still cool you can shift through the gears no problem at all, but as soon as the bike starts to warm up after riding a few miles it gets harder and harder to shift in between gears what is going on here? We have changed the whole clutch assembly from the basket to the plates to anything that you can possibly change to remedy these problems and we are just wondering if we are missing something? Thank you VERY much in advance any and all help is appreciated!!!!!!!

since its a new clutch assembly try slipping the clutch a few times, eventually it will stop dragging when the clutch is pulled in

Ok thanks for now...I'll try that as soon as I get it back from the dealer

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