mini sx


ok now i hate jlaw. if you watched the mini sx you will know what i'm talking about... the only reason he was out there was to take people out. 2 italians were his target ... they ended up parking him and going on with their races but they were deff jacked with... at one point jlaw stopped in a corner pointed up the bowl for literally 2 or 3 seconds in gear with bike running... just to slow/stop the other rider... if that was me he did that to i'm just saying kids would have had to look the other way... WEC or UFC on the track.... this kid is a disgrace to the sport! excitement? no... fun? ... no! is he truly a good person like said before?... no!! I'm sooooo pissed off at this race that i would almost boycott any ama race he is in if i didn't like the other riders and this sport so much! flame me if you want... dude is a &%$#@!!:cry: :cry: :p:cry::p:excuseme::smirk::ride::cry:

I must be way out of the loop because I have no idea what your talking about.

did you go?, or was it shown somewhere? if you went i assume your going tomorrow also, have fun!

i thought jlaw would ad some spice, but thought he was smart enough to leave those guys alone and just race.

that might be the only place for him soon enough.

i wish this would be after the sx final, so maybe we could get some other pro's there.

how did mcgrath do?

mc didn't race... i am in vegas so i went to the mini sx... im going to the finals tonight... can't wait. look for me on the tv coverage... i will have a sign that has something about bubba on it... and or chad being a whinny bung hole! :excuseme: and im going to through some love to TT on it aswell!! going to practice in acouple of hours... but first... palm for breakfast buffet! jlaw sux!!!

Is there a link to this mini sx race? I would love to see it haha

they sale it race on dvd everyyear... but its not out yet seeing how it was just last night... i don't think its made air time yet! i have some pix but can't upload them yet will upload tomorrow!

"Jason Lawrence, the bad boy of Supercross showed a lot of speed but could not avoid controversy as he began a block passing session with several riders and eventually finished sixteenth. "

Obviously, there's something going on with JLaw that we don't know. Somebody is clearly paying him for his idiocy.

Why else would he continue this. He was on his best behaviour at Daytona. We know he isn't completely stupid, just mostly stupid.

What were the Browns thinking when they hired JLaw?

I thouhgt J-Law owned the team????????

No, they hired him for this race.

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