clutch actuator

I read some threads on making clutch pull easier. I know the trick of lengthening the clutch actuator arm (at the engine end of the cable), but saw some mention of using an early WR piece as a replacement as it is longer than the one on my 08 wr450. Can anyone confirm what year to order, and if it is a direct replacement (not sure if all year wrs route the cable to the right side of the engine). Also, looking for confirmation that 5mm is the amount being added to the arm if I lengthen the stock one. Thanks for any info.

I have an '06 model. I was just about to start a new thread concerning the clutch pull. My first long, technical ride on the WR was yesterday. My left arm didn't last very long in the technical sections. If I were racing, I'd have to get a different bike if this couldn't be remedied.

It was suggested that I get a longer actuator arm as the first poster suggested. Also, there was another recommendation from one of the YZ riders - a low friction clutch cable.

I hope someone who has figured this out will post up.

Nav, I did the mod I read on here that has you drill a new hole in the clutch lever to relocate where the lever end of the cable goes (do a search). It changes the leverage ratio of the lever, and did make the pull easier (same principle as the levers you can buy that have several holes to adjust your pull). I am now looking for a different arm that is already a little longer, but as I've done on bikes in the past I will have the stock on modified to add 5-6mm of length. I'll tell ya though, an aweful lot of guys here are going to the Rekluse setup and all love it.

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