Back to School - after 6 years

I'm in!

TT'ers are great, and part of what guided me into Mechanical engineering.

I've re-enrolled 6 years after withdrawing. And starting where I left off. It's going to be a tough couple of months until I get back up to speed so I'll be in lurk mode for a while. Hopefully when I'm done I'll be able to really contribute.

I was thrilled when I saw the cover of the Machine Design book, a (dated) WR125! I knew this was the right class!

The first day of most classes was today and it doesn't seem as bad as it could have been so...

Wish me luck!

Let me be the first to say Congrats!!! Scary feeling going back to school after years off.....

I did it last year for computer networking, man I really enjoyed being in school again. Good luck, make sure you still allow a little saddle time :) ...........

Dodger :D:D

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Congrats tbronc!

I have been back a number of times, and it always brings back memories of my full-time student days. If you are old enough, the girls all think you're a professor when you're really just a dirty old man! (grin)

Good luck.


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Hang in there Tbronc! Good luck!

Dirty old man,,,Hmmm ,I can pass that.

Goog luck ,I wish I could go back to school.

I never thought I would ever say that..


Best of luck to you & hang tough! It will be well worth the all the time, money and effort you put into it. Get a good handle on the math and physics and the rest of it will be pretty straightforward.


Going back will be the toughest and most rewarding task you can ask for until you have kids.

Your biggest advantage will be you understand why all the class work is important and you'll just soak it all up. The lab work will be easier because you're a TT member. You have been practicing the 'reading about it then going into the garage and doing it on the machine' for a while know.

The worst part is being treated like a student. I got into a yelling match with the department chair about being jerked aroung on my senior design project. My feeling is I am paying for this education I am the customer and the customer is always right. I was informed that I am the student and if I don't obey, I don't graduate.

It took me 15 years of part time college and two more years of going full time to get my Mechanical Engineering degree. The freakin' diploma hangs on the wall with the rest of my trophies.

zaknavage, class of 1992 UC Irvine

Congrats. Just remember there is a lot of BS to get through before you get to the good stuff.

Originally posted by tbronc:

The first day of most classes was today and it doesn't seem as bad as it could have been so...

Like a lamb to slaughter..... I want to hear from you after mid terms :)


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Way to go TBronc. That's some hard work ahead of you. Give me a yell if you want to vent, I teach that ME stuff part time, and try to design decent trucks at GM during the day as a ME myself. Hang in there!

Thanks everybody! it's exciting and a bit intimidating at the same time.

I will keep you guys in mind for guidance.

Let's see,

Machine Dynamics,

Machine Design,

Intro to Materials Sci & Eng,

Thermo II,

and a 3 hr/wk group design lab.

It's the good stuff now, but it's been awhile (9 years since thermo I) that I've really got to get things together.

I've got a 17 month old too :D , she gives me extra motivation, I don't want to raise her while working a swing shift job somewhere.

I was doing homework in the garage today :) -I needed a picture of a linkage for Machine Dynamics. I headed for the WR, but I would have had to pull it apart to get a decent pic. So instead I went for the wiper motor linkage of a 74 bronco (right behind the WR) :D

Thanks for the encouragement everybody!!

I hated Thermo 1 but loved Thermo II. System analysis stuff was a lot more fun than ideal gas law type stuff.


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