yz426 suspension questions

anyone know were I can get parts?

forks are way to stiff and dont adjust enough

need a good link to a site.

This site. What parts are you thinking you need?

Im thinking springs and a revalve Gray

the bike was set up for a 250lb rider and im 185

if you think I need something else please tell me what ill need.

the forks are hard as a rock, and I tried the adjusters.

Start with springs. Check the manual for the stock rates. At 185, you should be good with those, and you may try an add in the classifieds to see if anyone has some stock stuff for a 426 around.

You can also look into the spring rate calculators at Race Tech Suspension and MX-Tech suspension to see if it says anything different. The TT Store sells fork and shock springs from several different sources, and can set you up with what you need.

Once you have the right springs, you can determine whether a revalve is needed or not. With the current springs, you'll never be able to tell.

There are two schools of thought on revalving (actually three, in my mind):

  • Send the forks to a big, top tier national suspension shop, and stand a decent chance of getting something you like the first time, or,
  • Take it to a local shop, spend a little less, and have more immediate support for changes and adjustments after the job

The third way would be to send the fork and shock to Smart Performance and have Dave Johnson throw his latest stuff in them. He gets truly amazing results from the old, open bath fork design, and is the way to go if you want the best there is.

thank you men


They make great stuff and do good work! Talk to the owner John, he is a very helpful guy

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