Rekluse Perch Adjuster on 08 WR450

I have a question about a Rekluse perch adjuster for my 08 WR 450. I cannot figure this out, I ordered the extra cable and have all the right parts but the fit is terrible as in the perch adjuster hangs to the side or the clutch adjuster not tight or anything like the picture. If I loosen it to spec like the rekluse staff says it just seems wrong and at any point can I override the z-start clutch like it is supposed to. The clutch actuator arm on the WR just moves freely when off or on. I know when I'm riding it tightens a little but nothing to major to pull my slack in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure if this is your problem but for what it is worth I ran a light spring from my clutch arm to the bracket that is where the clutch cable attaches to the engine on the the wr( it is different on the yz).Anyway it just gives a little help to the clutch as in faster engagment and also gives the clutch lever a better feel at the lever.

I never thought of that...Thanks for the tip. I'm gonna try it tomorrow

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