What's the "L" in WR400FL mean?

I've been reading (lurking) and searching for awhile and I think I'm going to do a track conversion (supermoto) on my 1999 WR400FL which I've had since new. Does the "L" just designate the model year 1999 or is there something else?


This pix was taken last fall at Wayahutta ATV area in Cullowhee, NC. I live and work in SW Florida but have a home in Sylva, NC where I get to 4 - 5 times a year. But I'm getting too old to ride that thing in the mountains and I can't ride the forest service roads since it's not tagged (I have a KLR for that anyway) so I carried it back to Florida with the thought of converting it to a dedicated track bike. I currently use an SV650S for the track (Jennings GP) but my SO is going to start doing some track days so I'll need something else to ride. I'll probably buy a conversion kit (any rec's about which one to go with?) so I can go back to dirt if I want. Not looking to race anymore, just try something different. Pleez don't ban me because my first post is so long :excuseme:

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