How does this plug look? Jetted right?

Pulled after the Virginia City Grand Prix.


The plug looks perfect, but unless that was pulled after a full throttle chop, and you are running leaded fuel, it doesn't mean you're jetted right, necessarily. Since this was probably pulled at the end of the day, when you had been on and off the gas, and at varying throttle openings all day, it reflects more generally on the overall state of tune. It does look good, and it would make me happy to see it look like that, but by itself it doesn't tell me much about the main jet vs. the needle shape/position, etc. That you can really only tell by how it runs.

Thanks Gray for the input. Always appreciate the thorough answers:thumbsup: . Yea, it was jetted perfectly for the 2 mph trip from the finish line to the pits!

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