who makes the carbon fiber lower fork guards?

for the xr650r... like what's on campbell's and henge's bikes.

can someone post a link to where i can get em... i'd rather just have plastic guards... doesn't have to be the expensive carbon fiber.



Hey Qadsan! That looks like Danco's scooter. We picked it's carcass over pretty good, didn't we?

The Pig Vultures :):D

That looks like Danco's scooter.

Yep, that was Danco's scooter. Now I have his Berg carbon fiber guards :)

thanks guys.

after seeing the price i remember why i never got the carbon fiber jobbies. guess i'll rig up som acerbis lower fork guards and make em work.


It's a good thing Danco spent most of his time installing after-market parts instead of riding! :) Where would we have gotten such good deals on used stuff?

Remember that post last year comparing some riders to little girls dressing thier barbie dolls? :D

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