Where to buy a Vortip?

I know that Bajadesigns sells them but who else? I believe White Brothers sold them but there is nothing on their website about it. Rockymountainatv.com shows the WB model to be out of stock. Also, the WR450 mufflers look the same as the previous year. Anyone think the Vortip will carry over from an 02 WR to an 03 WR?

Dia, have a welder buddy of yours review the picture of the vortip

on the baja web site and then fab one of your own....i did it and it

worked awesome!!!helped midrange and passed sound test as well..

used inch and a half muffler turn down and a couple of smaller

straight tubes and welded it all together and viola!!!instant vortip!

somebody else did it also....its where i got idea...search vortip..good luck!

The guy who holds invented the VORTIP can be found at


The last time I was at the shop Tom said he was building another batch and should have some in stock. These are the original all stainless steel construction models and not the sheet metal stuff that BajaDesign sold at one time.

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