Bigger tank for '04 YZ 450

My brother is my riding partner and has the 450. We are limited in doing longer rides because his stock tank doesn't hold squat. Anybody here use a 3+ gallon tank and not have to change the seat? He doesn't need more than about 3 gal, but it seems that he might have to replace the seat as well. Any experience?

The OS tanks made for the YZF, the IMS and Acerbis, for example, do not require the seat to be replaced or modified. Only the WR tanks require that.

The Acerbis 3.3 tank will fit both WR's and YZ's with their respective original seats for the year you are talking about. There are 2 mounting holes for the seat pin, one is labeled WR the other is labeled YZ (2006 WR's use the YZ location).

The Acerbis will be easier to sell too when your brother is ready since it fits both models. Every year or so I have to sell a large tank so this is important to me.

As far as fit the Acerbis bolts on perfectly, as easy as the stock tank. They aren't the coolest looking or thinnest tanks available but the quality is there.

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