can someone help possible head probs

right guys to cut a long story short i sent my 04 wr 450 into the my local dealer. To have a new piston and cam chain fitted and have the valves checked or replaced has needed. And when i collected the bike the told me that the head was scrap ?. Because they could get the valve buckets out, and they said that there was burrs around the buckets and also the head has wear on the cam journals but all the valves where in spec. can i get this head repaired or is it a new head?. also since the being in the shop its a right biatch to start 5 to 8 mins of kicking the life out it. where has before it was 1 or 2 kicks max no probs. I feel like im at a loss now any ideas grey william. I know this post is in the wr forum but i need help.

Send the head and the cams to Engine Dynamics. It's not scrap.

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