WR450 on the track??

Can someone tell me how the WR450 does on the track? Is it just a YZ with softer springs, or is it completely different geometry? How does it do on the whoops? How does it do on jumps??


It is a pig on the motocross track. This bike is mainly for trail/desert riding. You can take it on a track and have some fun but dont enter any mx races.

Mine works pretty good on the Mx track, but I race a old mans class. When I ride MX, My bike is set up in what I call hare scramble mode. No lights,odo,ect. Plus I've switched my exhaust to full titanium. There is alot of stuff you can do to cut some weight. A freind has already taken off the e-start.I leave my hand guards on that I use for off-road when I ride on, because I ride mostly hare scrambles-enduros. If you want to ride on a motocross track once and awhile, not bad. If you want to ride alot of track...Buy a YZ 450f and hang on!


I took my WR426 on the track, there were probably three peeps faster than me out there. I have not been on a Motocross track since 2000, and I used to race religiously back home in Motocross, Supercross, Arenacross, and TT races. I am far from beimg a slouch. The only thing that held me back was my arm pump and a little fatigue. If I was in top shape I would have kept up with them no prob. The suspension is a little soft but I dialed it in a little stiffer and it worked great. I had no problems and was very impressed with my WR426. Please visit www.motoutah.com for some warm up video of a 02' WR426 and a 03' YZ450 at Bunkerhill MX Track.


It is a pig on the motocross track. This bike is mainly for trail/desert riding. You can take it on a track and have some fun but dont enter any mx races.


Are you serious? I have no problems. Please keep in mind that it is 10% bike and 90% rider!!!!...............db :D

You saw that article too superstar?Got my issue today. I expected more positives than that. :)

Which article?..........db :)

The one in the April issue of Motocross.It stars out "is the WR450F the future of motocross" I thought that quote "It is a pig on the MX track" was similer to what I read in this article not realizing it was Indy WR450's. :D It was well after midnight and was :D If you get your hands on that issue, give it a look.They say compaired to YZ the WR is heavy,soft,lazy,it chugs ect.... Some of it was funny like "Enduro racers need the odometer so they know how far they've gone between cigarette breaks" LOL :D

03 WR450-grey wire,Works frame guards,Pro taper bars,

cabon fiber front disc brake guard,shark fin & rear caliper guard :)

Hi foursmoke. I did not read that article but I will pick it up. I love my WR450 I just think it handles poorly with stock suspension and weight around an MX track.

Indy WR450, I only ride trails myself but am hoping my skills will improve enough to maybe get involved in some hare scrambles or enduros this year or next.Most likely next.I'm not getting any younger.How do I determine my skill level,A,B,C ect...?

Start off in the beginner class, and then gauge your ability from there. The last time I raced competitively was in 2000. I'm no slouch, however when I start racing again desert/motocross, I'm entering in the begineer class. This will tell me how I compare and how much stamia I have..............db :)

Foursmoke. I would start by entering a hare scramble first at C class, or senior/vet classes if you apply. Send me a PM so I can email you a 5 page pdf document which explains the strategy for beginners in enduros. A little more thinking then hare scambles where you just go as fast as you can.

Indy WR450 I tried to send you a PM with my email but it kept saying "We have no record of that user name".Maybe if you send me a PM I can respond to it with my email.I have respond to a couple of PM's already so I know that works.

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