Typo in 02 wr426 repair manual !


I used the Yamaha repair manual to check my valve clearances today and did a double take, I thought I was going crazy. Page 3-21, top left diagram shows the cams exposed from left side of bike and mis labeled them intake on left(two valves), and exhaust on right, (three valves).... these bikes have three intake valves right? Only a big deal when selecting proper feeler gage.

I have also come across a typo in the manual - the 02 model 426 manual... it state the torque was 1.4 ft-lbs, but it should have been 14 ft-lbs... lucky I had a Nm listed next to it to do a double check...

Yamaha.dude - Where is that typo?? Want to fix it in the book. Thanks Dave

You probably have a different version to me, I have the Australian Version, but they may have used something Like FrameMaker for their publishing, and if it is in the document, you may get it in your version as well...

It was in the list of torque values in the Maintenance Specs (WR426F) page 2-12 in my book, just after the lubrication chart, the headings are Part to be tightened, thread size, Q'ty Tightening torque. Look for Oil Drain bolt (crankase, then the the specs are M12 x 1.5, Qty 1, 20Nm 2.m.kg and 1.4 ft-lb it is the 1.4 ft-lbs that is incorrect it should be 14

Hope you find it, or that your manual is correct...


Hmmmmm. Aussie version - written upside down?

Your all wrong we are on the top of the globe.

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