All Yz450f Trail Riders - Please Read

I am going on a long forest trail ride with a bone stock 07' yz450, how many miles or kms can I expect to get from a tank, roughly. I know i used to do about 40mi with my yz250. I know alot of people on here are trails riders so your input will determine how far to plan our outing.:excuseme:

how many gallons is the stock tank? 1.8Gal?

Yes, 1.8.

It depends on the kind of ground you're riding on and how aggressive you're riding it. With my 04, I won't push more than 30-35 miles without a fuel stop. This is on fairly flat, smooth ground.

I ran out about 3-4 miles from the truck on a roughly 40 mile ride with my stock tank on my 06. This was in the Sawtooths in ID, lots of elevation changes.

I got about 40 miles on my stock tank, but it was typically very dry by then. I would not count on more than 35miles to play it safe. But if you have buddies with large tanks that will let you borrow some gas then you have nothing to worry about.

When its dry out, I can go roughly 30 miles or so. I dont have a GPS or a trail comp yet, so thats a guestimate.

When its wet, I usually get about 2/3 of that.

I've been as low as 30 mpg and as high as 48, trail riding. In my last desert race, 37 mpg.

I must be slow because I can get 50 outta my stocker.

I was at the Virginia City GP two weekends ago and finished two laps before pitting (total 46 miles). I *believe* I could have gone a third lap with the remaining fuel - another 23 miles.

VC is about 5500 ft or so

IMS 3.2 gal tank

160 main with 55F max temps on Saturday

Riding as fast as my tired body would allow (my brain wanted me to go faster on lap 3 & 4, but my body said NFW! :excuseme: ).

With trails, I do better. We ride mostly low speed technical single track and I get closer to 30mpg.

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