simple grey wire question

Ive been on this forum for 4 years and I just got my accelerator pump working (squirting) correctly.

Now that I have my "mod" juices flowing (took me a while, eh? :)) I am going to cut the grey wire.

I have located it and Im not sure how to cut it. Do I just clip it or does it come out of the plu-in somehow so if I want to put it back for some reason I can?

Pull your tank off and disconnect the connector with the gray wire. Then with a pair of needle nose push the internal brass conductor to the gray wire down into the connector and pull the wire out and tape up the end of the wire and reconnect the connector. That is easiest way. You should also do the full throttle stop bolt mod and uncork the muffler or at least put a high flow baffle insert in.

The grey wire is crimped inside a copper pin, which snaps inside the connector.

It can be removed from the connector by sticking something like a large paperclip straitened out (stiff wire) along side the back of the wire and pin to flatten the tab that locks it in place. This will allow the wire and pin to be removed from the connector.

IMO, It’s easiest to remove the pin on the male plug.

After it’s out, use a small piece of heat shrink or electrical tape (preferably heat shrink) to cap off (insulate) the pin.

Thanks guys.

I should have well done this by now but I have always thought "If I think my bike runs great, then why should I mess with it?"

Getting the accelarator pump to work correctly is starting to change my tune.

Thanks again guys.

when removing the grey wire I also put a little dab of silicon to the conn. where the grey wire was removed so water does not enter the 6 pin conn. and corrode the other wires.

Our 99's a re bit different that the 03's.

Theres only 2 wires (a black and grey) going into the connector on ours.

But still, thats a good idea to protect the black wire from corossion.

I just pulled mine out of the black connector and taped it up.

Iam with you on the grey wire,it runs just fine! how much more power does it need ! I have talked to a couple guys and they say they dont notice a differance.

i cut mine and noticed a difference in power, no special gain??? :)

Ok, got the wire out cleanly tonight and I cant wait to go try out the bike tomorrow (its gonna be 70 deg!!) with the acc pump working correctly and the wire cut (or out). We willsee how much of a difference she makes.

P.s. Im gonna have to start adding some mods onto my signature line! :):D

Also! Thanks everyone for all the helpful hints! There for a while I was starting to lose intrest in TT. Now its being renewed!!! :D :D :D

Didn't notice a difference??????????

Last weekend temps here hit 42 degrees. I just completed all of my winter maintainence (such as re-grease, touch-up) along with the "Grey Wire Mod) and was really itching for a ride.

Since my '02 is not street legal, I installed the exhaust plug so I could sneak out of town, with the intention of removing it once I got to the trail. When I took off down the street, the bike had more mid to high end power than it used to WITHOUT the exhaust plug!! Wheelies were, for the first time, real controllable as the engine didn't sag out on me. WOW!!

I never did take the exhaust plug out that day since the trails were icy anyway. There was enough power all over the bandwidth to break loose on all the terrain, so it would'nt have done any good anyway. I expected a "ho-hum" puttsing around kinda ride, but damn, I had an incredibly great time. Even the 25 MPH low side (ice induced)had a certain thrill, bike kept running and I ran back, picked it up, jumped on, and resumed the ride. Damn, the ground is really hard this time of year!

I can't wait for the ground to thaw and the rear tire can hook up. In my opinion, the grey wire mod is a better performance improvment than removing the exhaust and un-restricting the air box combined!


If you put yz timing, you will see a huge difference. I suggest doing all the free mods, completely different machine w/ them.

I think your doing the blue wire. If you cut a grey wire down their I suggest putting it back. You will over heat your connouter valve.

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