250 and 450 swing arm and brake Questions.

Is the swing arm and the rear brake setup on the 450's and 250's the same between each other? What about the axle size between the two?

Within the same year series, they are the same.

Thanks gray... Also would you happen to know if the rear brake from a 2003 YZ fit on a 2005 WR swing arm?

Don't know that one. The '05's show a different caliper hanger than the '03-'04, but it may fit.

..different hanger on the caliper mount or the swing arm itself? Is the '03-'04 the same style hanger as the yz426f?

It's difficult to tell from the parts catalog, since the hanger is not sold separately. However, the parts listed are different. Scotts makes a rear disk protector that includes the caliper hanger, and is listed for the '05 separately from the '03-'04. That could be because the actual caliper is different, or because the swing arm is. I would guess it was the caliper, and that the earlier caliper/hanger would fit, but it's just a guess.

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