Will this fit my bike?

Hey I decided to completely over fly the landing on a double the other day on my 01 yz426f and came down pretty hard. Luckily the only damage was a cracked back fender which I can live with a while, and I started leaking brake fluid around the fitting on the reservoir. I assume i need to replace my brake line on the front so I was wondering for one if the brake line sounds like the problem and also if it is will the line off a 1999 WR400FL fit? I found a stock one on ebay to get me along till i get some bills under control and can buy a nice braided hose for cheap. TIA for any help this is my first post but have been lurking for a while and learned a ton, this is a great site.

Try to tighten the banjo bolt on the reservior, it might be loose. Without a picture it is difficult to tell what the source of the leak might be. Try to find the leak by pressing down on the rear brake while looking for the leak at the reservior.

Pay the money for the right BRAKE line if that in fact is the issue. Moose and enduro engineering (I think) make steel braided lines for that bike.

Good luck

Thanks, yea imma try and tighten the banjo bolt then I get home. When i squeeze the brake lever it was seeping out around the fitting at the resivouir, it has completely seeped out all the fluid but changing it and bleeding the brakes is not a problem. As soon as i can get the money im going to go ahead and replace both front and rear lines with braided lines. Could is possibly be the banjo bolt that has broke? I cant see any noticable brakes or cracks in the line.

You two need to get "break" and "brake" sorted out. The Banjo bolt could potentially be bent, causing it not to clamp the copper washers flatly enough.

You won't want to hear this, but the damage could also be to the master cylinder itself.

Nope didn't particularly want to here the master cylinder may be bad, but what happens happens I guess. I'm hoping its that banjo bolt bent as there was quite a bit of mud caked in the end of it like it hit hard. So I guess ill see of course I couldnt find the right allen wrench to get it out when I got home so.

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