little help here, don't know where to start?

Ok, I really don't know to much about wrenching on thease bikes. The WR is my first bike, I have been ridding friends bikes for years, but never bought one until now so please excuse my ignorance. Yesterday I went for a ride. It was just a quick loop 25 miles. I left town 7300 feet and road up tp abput 10000. I stopped the bike for a quick rest and started ridding back home. Part way home, down hill on a dirt road, the bike started to run really rough. I had to keep the RPM's up to keep the bike running and it was back firring very loud and often.

Now this has happened two times before in the morning after I rode the bike for a short time , 3or 4 blocks and then shut it off and started it up again. Then all I had to do was open her up for a bout a mile and the bike would run fine after that. I noticed some white foammy stuff comming from the breather hose both times after I parked the bike.

Back to yesterday. It took almost 10 minutes of trying to keep the bike running before it started to run better again. I haven't had enough time to look at the bike since, so I don't know if the plug is fouled or if white foam is present in breather hose. I am hoping to tear into it tonight but asside from checking the plug, air filter, I am going to dump the bole on the carb as well. Any other suggestions will help.Thanks :)

Buy a can of aerosol carb cleaner and take the carb apart and give it a good cleaning. While you have the carb apart, make a list of the jet sizes in the carb, needle and needle position. Then put a new plug in and give'r a ride.

Then post your jet sizes and the bikes engine, exhaust and/or carb mods, be specific, ie, Dr D pipe, WR timed, 168 main jet, etc, etc and you'll get the help you need.

Bill :)

Since the WR is your first bike I don't mean to insult your intelligence but this has happened to me on a few occasions and come to find out that I left the hot start button pulled out. :)

Hopefully your fix is this simple.

Thanks for the input, I a bought come carb cleaner at lunch and am going to start with a good cleaning, and record the stuff bill suggested. I have a couple of questions. I know the jets are labeled but does the needle have a# on it and how do I tell what position it is in? After I get the info I will Post tomorrow.

I didn't have the hot start out I already figured that one out the hard way. :)

Dodger, I was comming down from elevation and I was on and off of the power quite a bit, jumping some nice new waterbars in the road before it started to run crappy.

Hey cnacc;

Still, for some reason, your loading up your plug even thought your staying on the gas. Hmmmmmmm............Why don't you pull the carby, and note your jetting. I think you may be lean loading the plug, but would need to see your specs.

On the needle, yes it's marked, yours will probably be a DMM, marked just under the clip positions. When marking your clip position, with the tappered end of the needle pointing to the ground, clip #1 is on top, and the number increases as you go down the needle.

Let me know your set up, mods and jetting, and lets see if we can fix your little problem.


Dodger :):D

There Must be an Echo in here......

Bonzai :)

Hey cnacc;

This is happening comming down out of elevation, right??? Your loading up your plug, thus causing it to run bad, backfire, and all that good stuff. Guess what, your jetting is a little off. My bike did this ALL the time. I would start at Ned, and ride up to like 12K, and on the way down, if I didn't conciousely keep a little throttle going (ie. not engine breaking all the way down), I could usually avoid this. I made a consious effort to always be on the throttle a little bit, and usually could get away with that.

Bottom line is, you don't need to be putting up with this. If your uncorked, and uncovered, throttle stop and what not, go to YZ jetting. I rode this weekend, both days going from 8K to 12K and back, no loading up what so ever. However, since I was running rich up at 12K, if I tried a bunch of hard acceleration things, wheelies and what not, I was able to start loading the plug that way.

You don't have a hard or expensive fix ahead, but unless your going to "just deal with it", I would start looking at your jetting, Oh, and as Bill suggested, clean your carb too :D .

Let me know if you need anything, were not to far apart.


Dodger :):D

We popped a little forest fire here in salida, so I didn't have time to do anything. As soon as I can I will post my jetting info. Laters

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