Busted spring guide front fork help!!

I pulled my forks apart today and found the top of the plastic spring guide busted in many pieces. I changed my springs last fall and must have done something wrong when I put them back together. Any ideas? Can you still ride with the top 3" missing? It’s going to be sunny and mid 60s Saturday. I will go order one tomorrow.

Are you talking about part # 13,33 in the picture below?


Thats it #13,33

Hmm, thats strange. Obviously it hung up on something. I didnt think that nylon piece was there for anything other that guiding the fork spring.

Theres no telling what could have shattered it. I would be sure and take the whole fork apart though to be sure and get all the pieces out. Never heard of this happening before.

I'd just order another and hope it dosent happen again. :)

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