Vavle Check 06 WR450

Guys, got my bike torn down getting ready for this season. It's only got ~1,800 miles on it and still starts up fine hot or cold. Should I bother to check the valve spec or just let her go? I know it's an easy thing to do but I'm pressed for time with a ride coming up on Saturday.

If the bike is torn down, I'd check them. It shouldn't take more than 1/2 hour. Unless you're afraid to find that it is out of spec and then have to shim them :excuseme:.

It's probably OK, though, and just barely out if not, so you should be fine, but it is easy to do.

I'll just spec them out to be safe. Yah, I'd hate to find them way out and have to shim them. (let sleeping dogs lie, lol) I'm guessing they're fine. I just don't need them locking up on a ride 50 miles from the truck.


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