Crankcase Oil Drain Bolt Size?

What is the size of the crankcase oil drain bolt on a '98 WR400F?

The original is stuck and will require an EZ-Out to remove... that means a trip to the hardware store at lunch today. No time to get to dealer for new drain bolt, so will pick up a normal bolt and use that instead (just for the weekend).

AUGH! Yes, I'm a dumbass for not doing a "Search" first. Looks like 12mm, eh?

Its a 12mm x fine (1.5mm pitch?) thread.

16mm thread length.

12mm AF head size, with a 22mm OD of the washer.

Hope this helps

It is a 1.5 pitch. Took 3 weeks to get the right heli coil when I stripped the thing out. Always use a washer under the magnetic bolt.....

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