2003 Y450F Front sprocket

Changing out the front and rear sprocket and chain for the first time.

Running into a problem into trying to remove the nut to release the front sprocket.

I have the lock washer tab up but having no success in loosening the sprocket nut.

I have the bike in gear with the rear brake pedal applied but the nut won't come loose. Is it a reverse thread or just a muscle issue?

28mm socket is what I'm using on the nut.

Any ideas or help welcome?

I think its a normal thread pattern its been a while since I worked on the bike but i know for sure that if you get a crappy screw driver and wrap the chain around the front sprocket and then pierce the chain with the screw driver in between the links. this should stop the damn thing from spinning all the time because the screw driver will hit the swing arm. you can also do this in the vertical position with the chain laying on the swing arm. i never put mine in gear. oh and the more leverage you got the easier it should be.

27mm with normal lefty loosy threads. You are doing it the right way with the bike in gear and foot on the brake. I use a 1/2" drive with 27mm socket. Do you have an impact??? That will do it, just don't use it to put it back on.

You need to ride more to get the muscles to get it off man. :excuseme:

Once again, if you don't have access to an impact, leave the bike in neutral, the chain over the sprockets, and lay a sturdy piece of wood or a hammer handle across both sides of the swing arm through the spokes, as close to the rim as possible. Then crank the nut off. A good penetrant helps.

When I ran into this problem I used some penetrating oil. Sprayed it at the top of the nut and then took a hammer and lightly tapped the nut at the top to just vibrate the nut a little to get the oil to penetrate through. I let it set for a couple hours and went back and could loosen it while sitting on the bike while mashing down on the brake pedel.

I believe the ft pouds for this nut is 54lbs.

getting tight nuts off has always been a problem for the unequipped mechanic....(No air or elec. tools) Do yourself a favor since if you own a dirt bike you will most likely be working on it. Go to your Sears store (Craftsman) and purchase an elect rattle gun...They don't cost a lot and you will be very happy at how good they work...

Thanks for the input.

IMPACT WRENCH was the way to go.

Guess what I''ll get for my b'day next month.


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