Front tire not centered between the forks

Hey everyone. For some background – in January of this year, my valves went out on my CRF250X for the second time and I decided to toss the bike into the corner of my garage (I will fix later) and ended up buying an ’03 WR450 from a family member. My family member bought it from his buddy and had the bike for a few years. I love the bike. It has tons of modifications.

So after a few rides it was time for a new front and rear tire (they were worn a bit when I got the bike). When I was putting the front tire back on, I noticed that the wheel does not sit directly centered between the forks. I did not pay much attention to it when I took it off, but It looks like it was like this before because there are some tire rubbing marks on the inside top of the plastic fork guards.

The bike has custom suspension and upgraded aftermarket front and rear brakes. My question is, does this seem right? The wheel seems to spin fine and fits in easily and correctly. I only started riding in 2005, this is only my second bike and I am new to Yamaha’s so I thought I would ask. I am going to take it out in 2 weeks and will put around first to make sure it feels alright. Any thoughts or insight? Thanks.

the disc should be on he left side :excuseme:


Man, some of the guys around here^^^^^you're looking for help, you get Rodney Dangerfield Jr!

Really hard to say what it could be without seeing the bike. Does it still have an odometer? If not, maybe not a correct spacer. Also, if the disc does fit just fine, could the fork guards just be outta whack? I wouldn't gauge the centering of the wheel by the fork guards, they are just kind of flimsy plastic - mine are due for replacement after 1 year of good riding. Otherwise, loosen up the axle and pinch bolts a bit and do the old spin the wheel-hit the brake to line up the forks and wheel, make sure fork tubes are same height...not a lot of help, but I'm trying!

The centerline of the wheel must line up with the centerline of the steering head when the forks are pointed straight ahead. If you measure the distance of the edge of the rim horizontally to the inside edge of the fork tubes, they must be exactly the same distance on each side.

If your wheel is not set up like this, your front wheel will want to twist in the forks and you bike will "crab". It's a safety issue as much as a performance issue and it needs to be corrected properly.

It shouldn't be that big of a deal to correct, but like rabbityracer said, it's hard to tell without seeing the bike. Maybe post some pics with measurements?

the disc should be on he left side

Depends on which direction you are looking at the bike. Maybe yours is on the wrong side if you are looking at the bike head on - JK.

Thanks for the posts. I have changed the tire on my Honda several time and this is what threw me off.

Everything lines up - the disk spins fine and no issues with the brakes.

The stock odometer is not on there any more. It has a Trail Tech. Also, forgot to mention, it has the black Excel rims and it is a 20" rim, but do not know if that makes a difference. I looked at the ODO elimination piece at Flatland Racing and it does not have the cone shaped spacer. It looks more like the stock bearing spacer, but anodized a dark purple.

I have loosened and taken the tire off and put it back on 2 times and it still looks the same. The tire is not centered with the steering head/lower triple clamp. I will measure tonight and take some picts.

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