Place to Ride in Maryland


I am in desperate need of a place to ride in or near Sykesville Maryland; this town is just outside of Baltimore/Washington DC. The areas I usually ride (the closest being 1hour 45 min away) really aren’t convenient for setting this beast up. I like to make one modification at a time and see what performance gain I have achieved. My last bike took forever because I would do the work on the bike in the garage, pack the truck, drive, test, drive, unload the truck, and then be to tired to really do anything. This was done on the weekend. It would be nice to work on the bike after work and have the weekend reserved for the HS’s.

I have recently bought an enclosed trailer where I am in the process of setting it up. But this doesn’t help the immediate situation. For crying out load I haven’t even broken her in yet!

Just thought I do a little fishing.

P.S. Thanks to you guys for responding to my break’in post. Great site WR

check your pm's


Harley here is a pretty good yahoo group with a lot of guys in this local area. Lots of good riding area info, just put up a post like you did here.

Thanks for the link Snap.

Starttman's got a Supercross track in his front yard. I'm sure him and his neighbors wouldn't mind another bike.

Good one!!!

Bring your kids too, starttman has some skate ramps :D :D

Sorry chris, couldn't resist :)


Once you get the bike dialed in, treat yourself to a ride at Rocket Raceway It's a classic moto track just like back in the day, with a modern flair.




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