to mod or not to mod

Hello all. I am new to this forum. I live in Portugal and i own a 2002 WR426. I only ride the bike about three times a month so as you might imagine the bike is like new. Only now i started looking for mods (a vicious thing that came from cars). I first visited thumpertalk yesterday and i already learned some things about the bike. Thanks to motoman (rest in peace). I wanted to know if the cam timing mod from wr to yz specs really works. Does the exhaust valves keep a good clearence from the piston? Anyone with this mod here?

Also, if i modify my (restrictive) airbox will i need to rejet the carb?

I will now be a regular visitor of this well done site.

Thanks in advance.


WR426-DOMA racing exhaust

Marzocchi magnum


Magura handle bar

Magura hydraulic clutch

Welcome, Eduardo!

Going to YZ timing is a very common and trouble-free mod. The really hot setup now is to switch to a YZ 450 exhaust cam. You gain the benefit of auto-decompression. Click the post for this mod at the top of the YZ 400/426/450 forum to check it out.

Do the mod, It becomes a whole new bike

Hi Eduardo, Most of the mods on this web site are proven and worth doing. Pick the ones you are comfortable with and do them first. That will make you confident to try the rest eventually. Good luck and have fun riding.

Hola Eduardo!

I have yet to do a mod to my bike that is permanent.

*WR to YZ timing (reversable)

*'03 YZ cam (Can take it out an put the stocker back in)(NEVER WOULD DO THAT! But, I can!)

*Grey wire (Wire removed from connector, not cut)

*Jetting (leaned out all aspects of carb jetting. Runs much better, all can be replaced with stock settings.)

*JamesNOW! (This insert goes on the bell housing between carb and airbox. Can be removed. Again, NEVER WOULD, but could.)

What am I trying to say? All of these modifications are 100% COMPLETELY reversible, and none of them seem to affect reliability of your bike! Do it! Do it all! If you don't like it, you can always go back, but you will not! These bikes run great out of the box, nobody argues that. They CAN RUN BETTER! MUCH BETTER!

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