WR450 Exhaust pipe.....

Does anyone knows whether the 450 pipe will fit on a 98' 400?? Please help... :)

Well I don't know that, but I do know this. A White Bros. R4 pipe fitted to my former 98' WR400 will fit, although snuggly, my 03' WR450. So the reverse should be true as well. The rear spar on the 03' frame is closer in so I'd bet it the 98' frame has room to spare. You may need a spacer on the subframe mounting bolt. But hey, what good are all those washers siiting around in the spare parts bin ?

You meant the pipe that fit on the 400 can fit the 450?

If so, it should be the same as the 450 pipe can also be fitted on the 400... :)

I held it up to a 400 today and it looks like it wiil fit. I'll check on shipping in the am and send back. If we do this are you a member of Pay Pal?

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