Does retarded WR timing really do anything good?

Yeah, I know, Karl. You're probably right. It's just that when it comes to motorcycles, I've never been too concerned about horsepower. To me, some is good, but you can have too much. For example: I made the YZ cam timing adjustment, but I would never install a big bore kit or flow the head, or bump up the compression, or those kind of things. Probably would never even install a Power Now. If I wanted much more Hp, I'd probably be riding a KX500.

All the discussions about one method over the other are just a personal preference thing to me. It's fun to listen to everyone put in their 2 cents, but it won't likely change my setup much. If I know the bike well, and I've spent some time setting up what I have, I'll ride just about as fast as if I had 4-5 more horsepower.

After thinking about it more, I guess you can stay here. As long as you bring the beer and quit badmouthing those blue bikes.


To be honest, I have been thinking about the YZ cam. The WR 450 is a turd compared to my 00 YZ 426 (444). This thing stock sure rides a great 5th gear wheelie. The only reason I am not on a YZ 450 is that I ride a lot of woods and the 4 speed does not excite me. Shoot, 1st gear on the YZ 426 was a bit to tall at times. Cabin fever is setting in around here! ---Mike

I wouldn't stick my finger up my ass to run around the block, and I wouldn't run the stock pipe with insert welded or not, Fact!!

You have options, you can modify the stock pipe, or save up some money and buy an aftermarket pipe, Fact!!

Your bike will never perform to it's full potential with a restricted exhaust system, no matter what you do to the engine, Fact!!!

I was just saying who uses the stock pipe with insert, guess now we know.

P.S. How do you run? :)

Here is something to think about 03 YZ 450 stock gearing 82 MPH bumping the limiter! I was suprised to and I still would like another gear so I wouldn't have to be as high in the R's at say 65 MPH but these things are not lacking for speed. 1st is very high though so someone who is not real good at maintaining momentum may run into trouble in the tight stuff. Thus my comment on it only being my choice for race ONLY. I like to ride bikes with way to much power it suits my "style" (or lack of it) well. :)

I can back him on this.

He (Karl) had a CR500 for way to long and I will have to say he was able to "finesse" his way though the woods pretty good on it too. :)

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